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I love to teach young beginners. They will be playing many pieces and having fun at the piano in no time!

All children are musical and can make enormous progress very quickly. I do not immediately focus on reading musical notation, just as we do not expect children to learn language by teaching them to read. Instead, we make as much music as possible through imitation and improvisation. During my tenure at a Suzuki School in West Philadelphia. I saw all of my students, even those with limited access to an instrument, make tremendous progress with this method. I start with auditory activities such as listening and imitation. We have fun using the entire keyboard and work on proper physical technique. 


My training and performance experience position me as an ideal teacher for the serious student, who may be preparing for a career in music or a college entrance audition.

I have successfully prepared students for entrance to the Eastman School of Music, Syracuse University, the Crane School of Music at SUNY Potsdam, Ithaca College, Nazareth College, SUNY Fredonia, SUNY Purchase, and SUNY Buffalo. 

Teens especially enjoy playing the music of our time. We learn to play by ear, and learn to read and play chords from lead sheets for popular songs. I perform in an improv trio so I am always working on my own skills. I love to help students develop their own ability to analyze what they hear so they can play a pop song just as it sounds on the recording.


I recognize that adults have many demands on their time. Therefore I offer bi-weekly hourly lessons as an option. 
  • It is never too late to learn an instrument. 
  • Learning to play is good for your brain.
  • Playing music relieves stress.


Piano practice and performance can be very lonely for some students. But Learning is Social!  Students can have fun with interactive activities, and ensemble playing when they are partnered with another. And as an added benefit, they motivate each other to do better!


when weather conditions make driving dangerous
when younger siblings are too restless to wait comfortably during a lessons
when students are sick
when transportation is difficult for any reason
Perfect for busy adults or less serious high school students

Note: With young students, an adult needs to be accessible in case there is a problem with the connection.


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